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  • Joseph Richard

God the Forgiving Creditor

In Luke 7, Jesus performs two miraculous events. He heals the servant of a Roman captain and raises a man from the dead. Subsequently, when invited to the home of a Pharisee named Simon, a sinful woman enters and anoints Jesus with oil. We will examine how:

·         Jesus in invited to the home of a Pharisee

·         Jesus tells a Parable to Simon the Pharisee

·         Jesus introduces a creditor and two debtors in His parable

·         Jesus focuses on the debts owed to the creditor by the debtors

·         Jesus focuses on the creditor forgiving the debts of the debtors


·         Speaker: Bro. Richard (Min.)

·         Scripture(s): Luke 7:36-43

·         Date: 9 June, 2024

·         Time: 10:45 am (CST)

·         Facebook: churchofchristjcks2

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