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  • Joseph Richard

No looking back: Remember Lot's wife

In Exodus 3-4, God is preparing to send Moses into Egypt on a rescue mission of His people who have been in Egyptian bondage for 400 years. Moses begins to immediately come up with excuses as to why he is not fit for the mission God is sending him on. However, for every excuse, God has an answer. We will examine:

·         Excuse 1: “I’m a nobody”

·         Excuse 2: “By whose authority did I come?”

·         Excuse 3: “What if?”

·         Excuse 4: “I can’t speak well”

·         Excuse 5: “Just send someone else”

·         Conclusion


·         Speaker: Bro. Richard (Min.)

·         Scripture(s): Exodus 3-4

·         Date: 21 April, 2024

·         Time: 10:45 am (CST)

·         Facebook: churchofchristjcks2

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