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  • Joseph Richard

Stop Listening to Lying Prophets/Preachers!

In 1 Kings 12, wicked king Jeroboam has built fake altars in Bethel and Dan, and ordained priests who were not from the tribe of Levi. He also created his own feast. In 1 Kings 13, God sends a man of God to confront king Jeroboam. The man of God is not stay, nor eat or drink in Bethel, and is to take a different route home. However he listens to a lying prophet. We will examine:

·         Man of God sent to king Jeroboam in Bethel

·         Man of God accomplishes his missions – heads home

·         Man of God disobeys Word of the Lord by listening to a lying prophet

·         Man of God killed because of his disobedience

·         Lessons for us today from this encounter

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