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  • Joseph Richard

The Parable of the Vineyard

In Mark 12, Jesus tells a parable to the Jewish leaders about the owner of a vineyard [God], who sends messengers, and then His own son [Jesus] to the husbandmen [Jews] of the vineyard. The husbandmen reject the messengers, and finally, they reject and kill the owner’s son. We will examine:

·         The construction of the vineyard

·         The owner sends his messengers

·         The owner sends his son – makes a final plea

·         The anger of the owner is kindled

·         Christ rejected

·         Lessons to be learned from the parable

·         Speaker: Bro. Richard (Min.)

·         Scripture(s): Mark 12:1-12

·         Date: 18 February, 2024

·         Time: 10:45 am (CST)

·         Facebook: churchofchristjcks2

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