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Welcome! Thank you for joining us at the Church of Christ JCKS! We want you to feel welcome and comfortable. Here’s what’s happening during worship service and how you can participate if you choose to.

Join Us!



Worship singing

We rejoice in the opportunity to praise God and encourage one another with song. Because we sing a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment), as the earliest Christian churches sang, we especially value the participation of everyone. You are welcome to join in or simply sit and enjoy the music.


This is an opportunity for us to voice our thoughts to God. We pray for many people/things with many different needs. Some are:

  • Praise God

  • physical health,

  • mental health,

  • spiritual health,

  • our church,

  • our country and

  • that God’s word be spread so that more will be baptized and saved.

You are welcome to reflect on the thoughts of prayers and silently speak to God.

Lord’s Supper

This is a weekly time of remembering Christ’s death on the cross. The bread symbolizes the body of Christ and the fruit of the vine symbolizes Jesus’ blood. Participation intended for baptized believers, but is open to anyone.


We give of our money to express honor to God and trust in His provision. Guests are not expected to make a donation.

Hearing God’s Word

At this time, we listen to the Bible proclaimed and explained so that we can live by God’s Word. You are invited to listen or take notes, then apply God’s truth to your life.

Response Time

After the sermon, if you would like to be baptized or prayed for by our congregation, you are invited to walk to the front row and speak with our minister or one of our Elders. You may also speak privately with our minister or elders as you need.


Currently, we conduct Sunday morning services at 10:30 am every Sunday. We are working on holding Wednesday evening bible study online. 

Our Times of Worship

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